about Odiwams

Photos by Odiwams.

Location: Houston, TX

My given name, David Ray Wright Jr. So why odiwams you ask? Odiwams is a acronym for one of my favorite Common albums thru college. One day it will all make sense. It has become my mantra. It just stuck with me.

In life I think we struggle at some point to find meaning. At some level we all want to find joy or wholeness. I don't believe that day is a destined day. I believe it is an ever alluding idea or state. When it does make sense, we stop striving for more. Living for more.

Photography that I enjoy, embodies this journey. Its life in motion. Photography found me after a long journey in videography. If what I capture makes you wish you were there - then I have done my job. Showing beauty in the subtleties. Looking at the little things knowing that one day it will all make sense..